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    • Elite Summer Rowing Camp vXM

      As a rower have you experience these frustrating situations? Not improving your 2K, simply stagnating and not knowing what to do how to get a new personal best. Not being able to make the first boat. Getting beaten in seat racing by rowers with inferior erg scores. Don't worry anymore,...

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    • The Boys in the Boat a great book by Daniel James Brown.

      I loved listening to the book The Boys in the Boat, by Daniel James Brown. It is the story of young men who met at the University of Washington and became the most dominant crew at the 1936 Olympics. Daniel James Brown did a wonderful job describing every scene in the book....

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    • Race pace with minimal effort.

        Blending power and glide, above is an example: The average weight of a rowing shell per athlete varies from 14KG (single scull) to 19.3KG (8+ including the weight of the coxswain) Shell bounce is a major boat run killer. Sloppy catches lead to speed stopping checks... every single time...

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    • Atrial Fibrillation is NOT uncommon in endurance sports such as rowing, triathlon, marathon running, cycling, here is the latest:

      FISA's new screening for potentially fatal heart conditions is vital, but so is correct interpretation Sunday, 16 March 2014 By Mike RowbottomLast week's decision by the International Rowing Federation (FISA) to introduce health screening to check for potentially fatal heart conditions among international competitors is a profoundly important step.The system is based on...

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    • Elite Coaching Family Tree and You

      Great elite coaching leads to great results. 1. The Conibear Root/USA Hirma Conibear Rusty Callow Joe Burk Harry Parker Steve Gladstone: I was recruited by him to Brown University. We had undefeated collegiate seasons. 2. The Tonks Root/NZ Alan Tonks, father of Richard Tonks and friend co-coach with Harry Mahon....

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